We work with provider groups to increase their knowledge and delivery of care by:
​1) Developing and/or endorsing events and activities that increase their knowledge. 
2) Supporting multidisciplinary health care teams as they take a proactive approach, focused on healthy lifestyles. 
​3) Encouraging providers to involve the entire health care system, community and patient at all levels in supporting lifestyle changes that foster improved long-term health and quality of life. 

SSEP:  A Nonprofit Corporation

Offering Quality Diabetes and Reproductive Health Education
Featuring SSEP Education Materials & Services for health professionals

SSEP: Mission Statement
The goal of SSEP is to improve pregnancy outcomes and long-term quality of life for women with diabetes and their offspring, which extend beyond birth for both mother and child.

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SSEP would like to thank all healthcare providers as they put themselves on the frontline, perform as leaders, and demonstrate sacrifice during these difficult times.  Please see the COVID 19 page for furtherr uinformation on ithe imact  to SSEP.