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SSEP:  A Nonprofit Corporation

Offering Quality Diabetes and Reproductive Health Education
Featuring SSEP Education Materials & Services for health professionals


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SSEP Members - Individual, Organizational or Associate - receive a discount on SSEP & Sweet Success Express conference registrations, and many other benefits. 

One Guidelines-at-a-Glance 
Quarterly newsletters and conference brochures
Periodic electronic mailings
Limited online consults with experts
Discounts on SSEP conference registrations
Discount on SSEP materials
Receive a SSEP membership card
Resource for national contacts
Eligible to participate in membership drive and annual drawing
for free membership, cash, and other prizes
All of the above for 3 team members

To join SSEP as an Individual or Organizational Member, 
print out and send in our Membership Brochure

The name “Sweet Success ” stands for excellence in team management of diabetes and pregnancy. Organizations that join SSEP as Associates receive the following benefits:
Increased expertise in the management of diabetes and pregnancy
Assistance in meeting accreditation and recommended standards of care
Data Collection encouraged with benchmark data provided
Online and Telephone consultative services at mutually agreeable times
from SSEP Experts
Sweet Success Associate Manual containing Administrative and Clinical Tools
Annual program review with follow-up recommendations
Quarterly newsletter with updates on diabetes and pregnancy
Discount rates on Sweet Success Express training workshops and conferences
Discount on educational and promotional SSEP materials
Sweet Success Associate Certficate of Good Standing and website exposure
(after all criteria is met and maintained)

Associate Requirements
Provide care consistent with the current Guidelines for Care
Signed agreement with SSEP
Team members to attend a SSEP Guidelines for Care Training program
Maintain program manual containing policies, procedures and practice standards
                    Participate in annual self-assessment program review 

For more information or questions and to apply for an associate membership, 


SSEP Associate Membership and Association Fees
Initial Sweet Success Association Fee  $1000.00
Annual Renewal Sweet Success Association Fee  $750.00
Annual Fee for Individual Membership  $65.00 
Annual Fee for Organizational Membership   $175.00