About SSEP and coontinued operation as SSE

SSE has worked in association with SSEP for the annual Diabetes Research Conference for many years.  They have supported SSEP behind the scenes and are very familiar with its goals and products.  As of 12/31/2021, SSEP closed its operations and with formal reorganizaiton it was desided that the work must continue.  SSE, under the arm of Right Now Nursing CEs (RNNCEs), a for profit entity, will continue the work.  You will notice that much of the website remains for your ease in finding thep roducts and services you have counted on.  

 was a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation formed to promote diabetes and pregnancy guidelines through education. The guidelines are based on the highly successful Sweet Success Model of Care. The SSEP Board of Directors oversees the management of assets to ensure that the purpose of SSEP is carried out. The Advisory Council Members, comprised of experts in the fields of nursing, nutrition, social work and medicine, provide  the knowledge and expertise to maintain the quality of the professional education materials developed and services provided.

The California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program (CDAPP) developed and implemented the Sweet Success model of care, and has over twenty years of proven positive outcomes. The program is unique in its guidelines and approach to care. It meets standards of care promoted by the American Diabetes Association and works collaboratively with other publicly funded programs including the California Department of Health Services' Diabetes Control Program and the Diabetes Coalition of California in maintaining management accuracy and program quality.

SSEP, in collaboration with other organizations with missions that parallel ours, is dedicated to improving the care of women with diabetes prior to and during pregnancy. Based on a program that has over thirty years of positive outcomes, this model of care provides guidelines with an organized plan and an effective approach to care. It meets the recommendations promoted by the American Diabetes Association and other publicly funded programs such as the Diabetes Control Program and the Diabetes Coalition of California.

Who can benefit from our educational products
SSE welcomes former SSEP clients.  We know that professionals in nursing, social work, nutrition and medicine; who work in m health care maintenance organizations, hospitals and clinics can benefit from our materials. We provide products that provide quality in a cost effective way, and have a track record of succes nd satiffaction. 

What we do
SSEP was founded on the Sweet Success Model of Care, and making it available and accessible to diabetes and pregnancy programs nationwide. This model of care remains the leading authority in diabetes and pregnancy guidelines and has been successfully implemented in various settings including managed care, primary care, clinics, offices, medical centers and hospitals at all levels of care in numerous states, and at Indian Health Service facilities.

Sweet Success Express will maintain the education materials, and conference development under the reorganization.  

Please see our products page for information about updated Self-Study Modules 
(Approved by CDR for 40 CPEUs for RDs/DTRs).

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SSEP's sponsoring partners include Animas, LifeScan, Hoag Community Benefits Program on behalf of the Mary and Dick Allen Diabetes Center, LifeScan, Medtronic Diabetes, March of Dimes - California Chapter, Professional Education Center, MiniPharmacy, Novo Nordisk and Abbott Nutrition.