SSEP Self-Study Series CEU Courses
 Diabetes and Pregnancy Standards of Care  
Online Versions - no S & H​

  12 Modules (listed below) 40 CE and CPEU - $209  (#1301)
                      GOAL: The goal of the continuing education modules is to provide clinicians knowledge and guidance to
provide high quality, comprehensive, culturally appropriate care for women with diabetes and pregnancy.
Successful implementation can help meet legislative, regulatory and clinical practice guidelines.

Modules Included:
Module 1:  Preconception/Contraception
Module 2:  Medical Nutrition Therapy
Module 3:  Screening & Diagnosis of GDM 
Module 4:  Self-monitoring Blood Glucose
Module 5:  Insulin Therapy 
 Module 6:  Hypoglycemia  
Module 7:  Maternal/Fetal Assessment 
Module 8:  Intrapartum and Delivery
Module 9:  PostPartum and Breastfeeding
Module 10:  Neonatal Care 
Module 11:  Exercise 
Module 12:  Psychosocial and Cultural Issues

Individual courses not available

Included in online order: Full set of 12 modules, SSEP Guidelines at a Glance for GDM, Current CDAPP Sweet Success Guidelines for Care, Current ADA Standards for Medical Care in Diabetes, ACOG Practice Bulletin 137 
Please read about CEU requirements and our return policy before ordering CEU Modules.

Now, as requested, a smaller set of modules: 

     Antepartum Care  20 CE or CPE Available  

This set contains the 6 antepartum module from the full, 40 CE Diabetes in Pregnancy Self-Study Modules (Modules 2,4,5,6,7 & 11)
2. Medical Nutrition Therapy - 5 C-Hrs
4. SMBG - 3 C-Hrs
5. Insulin Therapy - 3 C-Hrs
6. Maternal Hypoglycemia - 3 C-Hrs
7. Maternal/Fetal Assessments 3 C-Hrs
11. Exercise 3 C-Hrs
20 CE or CPEUs - $149

Nurses: SSE is an arm of Right Now Nursing CEs, a provider approved by the California Board of Registered

Nursing Provider #17583 for up to 40 Contact Hours. 
RD/DTR: Accreditation for RDs and DTRs: SSEP Self Study Modules are approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration for up to40 CPEU
Physicians: BRN accredited programs may be submitted as AMA PRA Category 2 Credit™
AMA PRA Category 2 Credit™ is self-designated and claimed by individual physicians for participation in activities not certified for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™.

NOTICE to NURSES: CA BRN mandates that credentials and license number of nurses appear on CE Certificates.  Therefore, it is required that you submit your credentials and nursing license number to receive a continuing education certificate.  Thank you.

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SSEP offers educational products for both patients and professionals, including our new Exercise Video.  
Many products are available in both English and Spanish.  
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            ​Patient Education Materials
Gestational Diabetes Patient Handbook

available in English (#1601) and Spanish (#1602)

​28 page patient handbook covers diabetes, testing, pregnancy, testing,
​ labor/delivery, breastfeeding, postpartum followup and more.
Average reading level.

 Price depends on quantity ordered: 
< 10 = $4.00 each 
10 - 24 = $3.75 each 
25 - 49 = $3.50 each 
50 - 199 = $3.00 

​Type 2 DM in Pregnancy Patient Handbook 

available in English (#1603) and Spanish (#1604)

                                                                                44 page patient handbook covers diabetes, testing, pregnancy, testing,
                                                                                  labor/delivery, breastfeeding, postpartum followup and more.
                                                                                       Average reading level.

                                                                                          Price depends on quantity ordered: 
                                                                                      < 10 = $4.00each 
                                                                                                                                             10 - 24 = $3.75 each                                                                                                                                              25 - 49 = $3.50 each
                                                                                     50 - 199 = $3.00 each


Sweet Success Food Guide
         available in English and Spanish
                 $1 each for individual patient use - Minimum order: 25  / $5 S&H
                      Color coded pictorial food groups, a patient handout with
            labeled portions along with a personalized meal plan to use for meals
          and snacks.  Easy to use in teaching, for patient use, and for diet review. 

                   Reproduced with permission from CDAPP Sweet Success 

Care Guidelines & Professional Education CE Products
Now choose from CD or Flash Drive Product


​​Guidelines at a Glance for Gestational Diabetes Management (GDM)                                                           Downloadable PDF plus Printed Copy - 2021 Edition - ($35)  

                                                            The 2021 Guidelines at a Glance is a quick reference summarizing GDM management.
                                                        Each section is creatively designed to help quickly identify important points for each topic.
​   The 12 chapters in this 60+ page booklet in pdf and printed  format are suitable for printing to use as a quick in-office reference guide and for training new personnel.

              Topics covered:
              Diagnosing Diabetes during Pregnancy: Type 2 & GDM
              Medication Therapy During Pregnancy (GDM)
              Hypoglycemia in GDM
              Medical Nutrition Therapy
              Behavioral & Psychosocial Management / Cultural Competency
              Recommended Fetal Assessments
              Ketone Testing
              Intrapartum and Postpartum
              Neonatal Hypoglycemia

Based on Sweet Success Guidelines-for-Care 2015; 2011 American Association of Pediatrics Recommendations; Academy of Nutrition & Dietetic 2012 GDM Toolkit;
2017 American Diabetes Association Recommendations; ACOG Guidelines for GDM 2017: World Health Organization Recommendations 2013 


                                  Guidelines at a Glance for Pregnancy Complicated                                      by Preexisting Diabetes - 2021

                                              Downloadable PDF plus printeed copy ($35)

                                               Available for Purchase

                                                                                                  60 pages summarizing key points for managing preexisting diabetes during pregnancy:
                                                                             •Handy reference sections summarize management of pregnancies
                                                                                                               •Management Summary Sections based on Guidelines for Care: 2015 & 

                                                                                                            ADA Standards for Medical Care 2018 
                                                                            •Suitable for quick in-office reference and training new personnel

Guidelines-at-a-Glance For Medication

Management during Pregnancy - 2017
  Available as a downloadable PDF  ($25) 

​– Includes calculating & adjusting insulin using injections or pump, as well as use
    of oral hypoglycemic agents during pregnancy 
 includes practicum to submit for 3 CEs for an additional $10) 



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